Saturday, April 25, 2020

How to choose art for your home

 wall art for living room

Learn from a pro
One of the most frequently asked questions designers get is: "How to choose the right artwork?" There are some guidelines to make sure that you choose the right items for a specific space. the abstract oil art helps define the personality and space of the homeowner. Useful when tying certain objects together and creating characters in the house. The best thing about art is that it is an investment that you can carry with you, and it can even grow over time. It also does not require you to take out a second mortgage; you can spend as much or as little as you want.
For the kitchen
In terms of artwork, one of the most commonly forgotten rooms is the kitchen. The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of the home" and in many cases is the most used room in the house. There is no doubt that art needs to be included here. The countertop or space above the cabinet is the perfect homes for art. To keep the abstract artwork in the details, tilt some smaller pieces to supplement rather than flood the space. We tend to choose interesting or more social prints that make us smile and make the morning easier!

For the bedroom
A bedroom is a place for retreat and a place to relax, and the artwork should reflect this. The best canvas art wall in the bedroom is the wall directly above or opposite the bed. Large parts are the best and should be suspended at eye level. Look for abstract artwork with soft colors or tones. If you like photography, landscape or desaturated photos work best. Keep the frame minimal-gallery frames or canvases work great as well. Here, we want to focus on the artwork itself, and not so much its vessel.

For the office
Whether you work at home or in the office, abstract art canvas is a great way to personalize your space and keep you inspired. Our favorite method is to create a rotating gallery. First, you need a long floating ledge, which is best installed above or near your workspace. The advantage of this is that this is the only thing you want to hang! Next is the interesting part, you can pick a variety of artworks that inspire you. Conceiving a variety of mood boards, positive images, or works that inspire your artists, these are all good places to start. You also want to merge different sizes, so the possibilities are endless. You can put them all in similar frames to make the appearance simple, or you can add some characters in all the different frames. As long as you are bored, you can rotate or update these parts without nails.

For the bathroom
The bathroom is another room that often gets neglected with art. The artwork you choose should be consistent with the bathroom's atmosphere. For example, if it's a powder room on the main level, you should stick to more interesting and bright pieces. If it is the master bathroom go with more serene or calming pieces. The bathroom art looks great in pairs and we like to choose two stacked or side by side combinations. They can be two identical abstract works, flipped on one side, or two different words with the same theme. Solid places for these pieces would be over the toilet, over the bathtub (if you're lucky enough to have one), or over the towel/robe hooks.

For the living room
The most interesting room decorated with art, most of the time, the most intimidating is the living room wall decor. Most of us feel a lot of pressure here because this is the room most guests will see and spend time in. Choosing the right room is essential for inspiring dialogue and setting the feeling or atmosphere of the space. You can choose large wall art. Sometimes you need to think outside the frame. Art doesn't have to be a print or canvas, sometimes it can take other forms. Whether it is a large paintings on canvas or reproduction, you can see it in the 2D image, and you can find the unique work that best reflects your personality.

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