Friday, December 21, 2018

How to Layout Home Oil Painting

I. Grasp of Space
Extra Large Modern Painting layout is very important to grasp the space, slightly careless may lose the artistic sense that should have, bedroom should use characters or close subjects as emotional exchanges; children's bedroom is the best Large Abstract Paintings of children's subjects; living room is mainly landscape, making the environment more open and bright; and restaurant can hang some sparse fruits and flowers of still life, it can enhance people's appetite.

2. Different Decoration Styles
Abstractionist Large Abstract Art and modernist painting are concise and fast, which are more suitable for spacious and bright space, new decorative style and novel materials; realistic and classical style is suitable for luxurious and elegant decorative style; impressionist painting style, whether in the corridor or on the bookcase, can reflect its colorful, light and color effect, and has a strong decorative features.

3. Emphasizing the Integration of Color and Color
Colorful rooms can choose oil paintings with strong contrast; warm and elegant rooms should consider works with soft colors. It is worth noting that the tone of the Contemporary Wall Art and the room tone are comparative colors, which can better reflect the decorative meaning of the oil painting, but the color of the painting also corresponds to furniture and soft ornaments, and has the rhythm of the same color system.

4. Seasonal temperature and humidity change
As we all know, air humidity and temperature have an impact on Handmade Abstract Painting, especially in hot and humid season, so the protection of oil painting is particularly important at this time! In areas with high humidity, it is better to choose bright colors and clear pictures, while in dry areas, more water should be considered. Choosing bright and lively colors in winter and gentle and quiet colors in summer is also a way to adjust.

5. Oil painting suspension
How to lay out household oil paintings? How high is the painting hanging? Its position should be 1.5-2 meters away from the ground, and the light should be projected from the upper left as far as possible. This conforms to the position of the light when the painter paints, but it can not be glass-inlaid. The length and width of the nails should be considered according to the furniture after the drawing board. In addition, the frame size is proportional to the size of the picture. The frame color corresponds to the furniture color or is similar to the painting tone. Then, for many people who hesitate to hang a picture, they can adopt the golden section point hanging method, so that they will not lose the aesthetic sense of spatial layout.

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