Friday, November 9, 2018

How to identify the quality of linen?-black and white paintings for sale

Black and white paintings for sale
High quality pure linen is sold at a higher price on the market.
The price also reflects the quality of linen.
Cheap linen is mostly made of linen, and the fibers are shorter.
Individual merchants sell half-linen, cotton and linen as linen,Great Big Canvas and we can distinguish them by the following methods.

(1) pervious to light to see if the thickness of theodolite is even.
If the warp and woof is too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.

(2) check the compactness of the weave by tensioning the cloth.

(3) fine raw linen is brown, shiny and evenly absorbed.
Hemp quality is bad, be treated to become the linen of pliable fiber,Big Canvas Art absorb water not even, after get wet, can become black.

(4) outside worsted linen, the less the surface plush the better.

(5) the flexibility of the half linen is different.

(6) pull a thread head. If both ends are bent and bifurcated, the thread is cotton.
Torn flax thread, both ends should be smooth,Large Canvas Art  otherwise impure.

(7) if caustic water is applied to the canvas, then the flax will be brown and the cotton will be light yellow.

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