Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Caravaggio-Colorful Abstract Art -black and white painting

Black and white painting-A famous Italian painter of the late Renaissance.-Life is short and full of legend.
It is said that the character of the arrogant, fearless.
Famous in his own life, but often criticized, Large Black and White Art such as theorist giovanni pietro beloli, who believed that
after being imitated, nature needed to be properly modified according to the principles of beauty, while caravaggio directly drew the original withered plants, without giving nature an idealized side.The background was a little more complicated,Oversized Abstract Art and the struggle between protestantism and Catholicism did not end.In the field of art, Catholicism is different from protestantism in rejecting "idolatry" works. Instead, Catholicism emphasizes the effective dissemination of doctrines to believers through the clarity of painted images of gods and figures.Rome became the main battlefield of the struggle between religions,

which in a short time promoted the local artistic innovation, and many artists were eager to have a try.Colorful Abstract Art 

From rulers to aristocrats, people were keen to order art, especially on religious subjects.The art market is also very active and competitive.Caravaggio, however, did not have an easy time in Rome at first. Big Black and White Painting He did not have prominent patrons, which meant he was short of money.Caravaggio's early works had many still life themed pictures.
For example, in 1594, the painting of "sick bacus", hidden in the borghese art museum, was accurately and clearly depicted, without delay or idealization, which showed caravaggio's excellent observation ability and willingness to maintain the original nature in the painting.
The sickly dionysian bacchus is an ambiguous figure, male and female, presumed to be caravaggio himself or his favorite model.The slightly twisted posture of the hero is a typical example of pretentivism.
However, the theme of such illness was not loved by the society at that time, and it was often considered impolite to show sickness so openly.Because of caravaggio, the aesthetic of still life painting on the market has changed, and the popularity of this theme has also been driven up.
This phenomenon also partly reflects the social changes and the increase of private collectors with different financial resources.
People with small wealth prefer paintings other than religious themes. Therefore, there is a growing demand for custom paintings and still life paintings. In addition, the society has become more demanding on the aesthetic appreciation of such paintings.

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