Saturday, October 27, 2018

Decorative painting from the study

Study black and white paintings for living room will be drawn - study add on draws choose and purchase theory
1. The decor oil painting should be coordinated with my own decoration style. The straightforward bedroom with modern oil artwork will make the area brimming with vitality.
Europe type and classic bedroom pick the oil painting of realistic style, wait like character portrait, scenery.
Had much better add relief outside body, appear magnificent, elegant.

2. Color on and interior metope furniture display echo, do not appear isolated.
When function as the style of home furniture of deep and sedate, the picture is about to select the picture associated with primitive simplicity that heads with it.
If bright and concise furniture plus decorate, had better select lively, sweet, halfback, subjective kind.

3. The many important thing, naturally , is to choose what you like. Compared to others, almost all of them are supplementary.

4. Choose hand-painted essential oil paintings as much since possible. There are emulated oil paintings with publishing color filling in the particular market.
Generally, it could be distinguished from the brush strokes of the picture: the particular picture of hand-painted oil painting has a very clear concave and convex sensation, while the printing image is smooth and only partly filled with oil paint.

5. black and white paintings for living room is really a type of decorative painting. Because the most popular sort of ornamental painting, the formalized type of frameless painting, which is free from detention, lots and frames, is popular by more and a lot more people.

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