Sunday, September 9, 2018

Black And White Painting with Interpretation of Modern Simple Fashion Atmosphere

Speaking of Black And White Painting , it seems very simple, but also seems to be difficult. Black and white style makes any room elegant and chic. Modern simple black and white style is a kind of expression technique in modern home wear, but it is also unique. If you use black and white two colors, you can often reflect the modern simple fashion atmosphere.

1.The black tone is darker, so the light in the modern minimalist black and white style table is very important. And the flowers that bloom on the table not only brighten your eyes visually, but you can also smell the added energy on the table

2.A space because of the hierarchical distribution of light and darkness. In the relationship of contrast, each other's coordination will make the entire picture more fashionable and more atmospheric.

3.In this black and white world, colorful dishes make people feel more attractive and delicious。

4.White chandeliers, pale walls, light dining tables and white chairs create a pure beauty of the overall space. Add black elements to the White tone to make the atmosphere lively.

5.Selection of all decorations, carpets, chandeliers, curtains, cushions.All are black and white color combinations. Beauty is coming out.

6.The combination of two tones, the black line structure dotted on the white texture, will not have a very heavy feeling. They contrast each other and reflect each other.

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