Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ornamental Painting of Home

New geomantic omen can provide advantages or disadvantages luck, the exact same decorative Large Canvas Art Cheap decoration painting will be also exquisite, so, just how can we make good geomantic omen for home?


Typically the most typical hanging photos from home are absolutely nothing nevertheless flowers, trees in addition to peony. But if someone is usually very shy of solid wood, how can a new peony Large Abstract Wall Decor painting bring good geomancy to him? In most cases, many people just pay focus to enhancements, but usually neglect the particular five factors function associated with painting. Each painting signifies a negative luck in addition to a best of luck. For illustration, it would be extremely inappropriate for a wood-shy person to hold a forest painting. One more example is usually hanging tiger Extra Large Canvas Art For Sale in the living room, when the tiger need to be inside the style of going upwards the slope. The tiger head evaluations, because the gambling goes upwards the mountain and roams through about three mountains in addition to five mountain range, while leaping down the particular hill affects many individuals.

Within the selection of dangling pictures, men and women who absence water could hang eight fish roadmaps or the Yellow Water and Yangtze Lake maps; people who lack funds naturally have better set up an banquise; folks who lack open fire could put up 8 Jun maps or red-colored peony paintings in reaction to be able to their fire; men and women who else lack wood can hang up bamboo for peace; individuals who lack ground could hang up the Great Wall. The decor associated with each painting likewise controls the household geomantic omen, which impacts the top quality of geomantic omen, based on everyone's overall flexibility in addition to program. For instance , hanging a new good exuberant painting inside the place where your family members members belong will help them wonderfully.

In every day life, some men and women hang Large Abstract Wall Decor paintings associated with faith. Religious paintings also generate typically the five elements effect. For example , some men and women such as in order to display Buddhist paintings associated with Amitabha Buddha plus also write a term "Buddha". Amitabha Buddha symbolizes gold water, while Juggernaut is water, Buddha symbolizes typically the north, Amitabha Juggernaut symbolizes the west, cardiovascular Sutra is located inside the family, Heart Sutra symbolizes fire, individuals who concern fire should not get worried about it. It could become seen that the painting, even a frame, is also very learned. A piece of art contains a fantastic impact on the geomancy of the particular home. So before hanging a piece of art, please look at the advantages or disadvantages that this piece of art brings.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Small Skills of Oil Painting Accessories in Home Decoration

1. Soft Decorated Living Room: Creating Visual Impact

People sometimes wonder that why it is so difficult to put up oil paintings in the living room? On the contrary, a picture suddenly appeared on the empty wall, which made people feel more and more wrong. Maybe you can change your mind. If the house is a villa with a large living room, why not learn how Americans hang pictures in their study? Pave a whole wall with a number of Black and White Abstract Canvas Art of different sizes and styles. Of course, when hanging, they should be carefully combined. You can choose large-scale figure paintings, medium-sized landscape paintings, not symmetrical, not orderly arrangement, from the top of the wall to the corner. In this way, when you enter the living room, you will naturally feel a compelling luxury and exquisite atmosphere.

If the living room is not elevated, but the area is large enough, one of the walls can also be turned into a whole painting, but the color should not be too strong, according to the preference of the owner to choose the appropriate style. When the early morning sunshine shines on the whole wall of the Black and White Abstract Painting, reflections make the color more changeable, and sunset will make the color more abundant, the living room will have different feelings at different times of the day. If the living room is small, or you can choose a moderate area, but more intense color still life painting hanging on the sofa, or on the dining cabinet.

2. Soft Decoration Bedroom: Fostering the Atmosphere is the Most Important

Black and White Abstract Canvas Art in the room to emphasize the atmosphere will take more thought, because the room is the owner's private forbidden place, the choice and matching of oil paintings can directly show the owner's personality and preferences. If the tone of the master room is shallow, you can choose two long abstract oil paintings with the same tone and heavy color to hang side by side on the wall at the head of the bed, which can make the master room warm and romantic. If combined with the illumination effect of the small spotlight on the top of the wall, the atmosphere of the room will be more perfect. For simple and generous rooms, you can use a whole row of small oil paintings on the bedside, the color should be uniform and consistent.

3. Soft decoration study: small oil paintings add elegance

In the monotonous study, you can add abstract oil paintings with dark gray tones; in the dining room, you can choose oil paintings with relatively simple pictures, such as a blue still life painting, or two strong contrast, white and red abstract paintings. If you want to strengthen the effect of oil painting to create an atmosphere, you can hang several Big Black and White Painting in some unremarkable places, which will also make amazing discoveries. For example, hanging a large "sunflower" painting at the corner of the corridor, hanging two small scans of people on the shoe cabinet just entering the living room, hanging a red sunset map on the two lounge chairs in the guest room or corridor, etc., these casual arrangements will add a warm and elegant atmosphere to the home.

4. Tips for Choosing Oil Painting in Soft Home Decoration

As an indispensable variety of modern soft decoration art, soft-fitting interior decoration painting has attracted more and more attention with the improvement of material level. It reflects people's cultural accomplishment and artistic taste. A good modern decoration work can be used as a collection or as a glorious interior design.

Friday, December 21, 2018

How to Layout Home Oil Painting

I. Grasp of Space
Extra Large Modern Painting layout is very important to grasp the space, slightly careless may lose the artistic sense that should have, bedroom should use characters or close subjects as emotional exchanges; children's bedroom is the best Large Abstract Paintings of children's subjects; living room is mainly landscape, making the environment more open and bright; and restaurant can hang some sparse fruits and flowers of still life, it can enhance people's appetite.

2. Different Decoration Styles
Abstractionist Large Abstract Art and modernist painting are concise and fast, which are more suitable for spacious and bright space, new decorative style and novel materials; realistic and classical style is suitable for luxurious and elegant decorative style; impressionist painting style, whether in the corridor or on the bookcase, can reflect its colorful, light and color effect, and has a strong decorative features.

3. Emphasizing the Integration of Color and Color
Colorful rooms can choose oil paintings with strong contrast; warm and elegant rooms should consider works with soft colors. It is worth noting that the tone of the Contemporary Wall Art and the room tone are comparative colors, which can better reflect the decorative meaning of the oil painting, but the color of the painting also corresponds to furniture and soft ornaments, and has the rhythm of the same color system.

4. Seasonal temperature and humidity change
As we all know, air humidity and temperature have an impact on Handmade Abstract Painting, especially in hot and humid season, so the protection of oil painting is particularly important at this time! In areas with high humidity, it is better to choose bright colors and clear pictures, while in dry areas, more water should be considered. Choosing bright and lively colors in winter and gentle and quiet colors in summer is also a way to adjust.

5. Oil painting suspension
How to lay out household oil paintings? How high is the painting hanging? Its position should be 1.5-2 meters away from the ground, and the light should be projected from the upper left as far as possible. This conforms to the position of the light when the painter paints, but it can not be glass-inlaid. The length and width of the nails should be considered according to the furniture after the drawing board. In addition, the frame size is proportional to the size of the picture. The frame color corresponds to the furniture color or is similar to the painting tone. Then, for many people who hesitate to hang a picture, they can adopt the golden section point hanging method, so that they will not lose the aesthetic sense of spatial layout.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Caravaggio-Colorful Abstract Art -black and white painting

Black and white painting-A famous Italian painter of the late Renaissance.-Life is short and full of legend.
It is said that the character of the arrogant, fearless.
Famous in his own life, but often criticized, Large Black and White Art such as theorist giovanni pietro beloli, who believed that
after being imitated, nature needed to be properly modified according to the principles of beauty, while caravaggio directly drew the original withered plants, without giving nature an idealized side.The background was a little more complicated,Oversized Abstract Art and the struggle between protestantism and Catholicism did not end.In the field of art, Catholicism is different from protestantism in rejecting "idolatry" works. Instead, Catholicism emphasizes the effective dissemination of doctrines to believers through the clarity of painted images of gods and figures.Rome became the main battlefield of the struggle between religions,

which in a short time promoted the local artistic innovation, and many artists were eager to have a try.Colorful Abstract Art 

From rulers to aristocrats, people were keen to order art, especially on religious subjects.The art market is also very active and competitive.Caravaggio, however, did not have an easy time in Rome at first. Big Black and White Painting He did not have prominent patrons, which meant he was short of money.Caravaggio's early works had many still life themed pictures.
For example, in 1594, the painting of "sick bacus", hidden in the borghese art museum, was accurately and clearly depicted, without delay or idealization, which showed caravaggio's excellent observation ability and willingness to maintain the original nature in the painting.
The sickly dionysian bacchus is an ambiguous figure, male and female, presumed to be caravaggio himself or his favorite model.The slightly twisted posture of the hero is a typical example of pretentivism.
However, the theme of such illness was not loved by the society at that time, and it was often considered impolite to show sickness so openly.Because of caravaggio, the aesthetic of still life painting on the market has changed, and the popularity of this theme has also been driven up.
This phenomenon also partly reflects the social changes and the increase of private collectors with different financial resources.
People with small wealth prefer paintings other than religious themes. Therefore, there is a growing demand for custom paintings and still life paintings. In addition, the society has become more demanding on the aesthetic appreciation of such paintings.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Oil painting -black and white paintings for living room

Black and white paintings for living room-The tempera in European painting was the forerunner of oil painting before the 15th century.
While using egg colors, many artists continue to seek out more ideal toners.
It is generally believed that the brothers van eyck,Great Big Canvas a nederland painter in the early 15th century, were the founders of oil painting techniques.
Them on the basis of predecessors' attempt to dissolve oil paint,Black And White Painting paint with linseed oil and walnut oil as harmonic agent, the paint brush smooth, color in the picture on the drying time is moderate, easy to multiple coverage and modification in the process of painting,form rich color layer and glossiness, paint adhesion after dry, not easy peeling off and fade.

They used new oil painting materials to create, which was very influential in the painting circle at that time,The technique soon spread to other western European countries, especially in Venice, Italy.Materials and tools.

The main materials and tools of oil painting include pigment, brush, painting knife, canvas, polish oil, outer frame, etc.

There are two types of pigments, minerals and chemical synthesis.
The original pigments are mostly mineral pigments, which are ground by hand into a fine powder and then mixed

when painting.
In modern times, it was produced in batches by factories and put into tin pipes.
The performance of the pigment is related to the chemical composition contained in the pigment, when color

mixing, the chemical action will make some pigments produce adverse reactions.
Therefore, mastering the performance of the pigment helps to give full play to the oil painting skills and make the color of the work permanent.

Hypertensive brushes, made of moderately elastic animal hairs, have a pointed front rounded, flat, short front flat and fan-shaped species.

The painting knife, also known as palette knife, is made of elastic thin steel sheet with pointed and round shape, which is used to mix pigments on the palette.

Apply canvas, standard canvas, after will linen or canvas is taut on wooden frame,

powder mix and besmear is brushed on the surface of cloth and become.
It is generally made into a base that does not absorb oil but has certain cloth grain effect, or a base that can absorb oil partially or completely according to the creation needs.HAND MADE LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS, ABSTRACT ART DECOR

The thickness of the cloth pattern depends on the size of the painting, and also depends on the need of the painting effect.

Some painters use the canvas painted with the background color,Contemporary Painting with glue or oil and white  which is easy to form a unified picture tone,

and the background color can be unintentionally revealed when painting.After coating, non - absorbent wood or cardboard can also replace the canvas.

Polish on oil, usually finished and dry after the cover painted on oil, to maintain the gloss of the picture,

prevent air erosion and scale.

In the outer frame, complete oil paintings include the outer frame, especially the oil painting with strong realism. The outer frame forms the boundary of the viewer's view of the work, making the picture appear complete and integrated.
The thickness and size of the frame depends on the content of the work.
The exterior frame of classical oil painting is made of wood, gypsum more, the exterior frame of modern oil painting is made of aluminum alloy and other metal materials more.

Ornamental Painting of Home

New geomantic omen can provide advantages or disadvantages luck, the exact same decorative Large Canvas Art Cheap decoration painting will ...

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